In Limbo Embassy

Embassy of the Undocumented

In Limbo Embassy is a traveling embassy for and by asylum seekers ‘in limbo’: those who are caught between two stools. These refugees, acting as ambassadors, invite visitors to talk about their situation. Refugees often do not feel represented by their own embassy or by the media. In Limbo Embassy is a neutral meeting place that travels to people, creating direct contact between citizens and asylum seekers. The mobile embassy provides the opportunity for dialogue, debate and cultural exchange on an equal footing.

Image by Vera Duivenvoorden

A group of people, not a piece of land

The In Limbo Embassy represents a group of people, not a piece of land. The Embassy is a traveling embassy for refugees asylum seekers and undocumented migrants who fall through the cracks. With asylum seekers as ambassadors, the In Limbo Embassy aims to shed a different light on the undocumented. The In Limbo Embassy was founded for people who are ‘in limbo’; refugees who are not allowed to stay in the Netherlands, but who also cannot go back to their country of origin because of invalid travel documents or an unsafe situation in their native country.


Image by Hans Boddeke

Allies from the Embassy

To get the embassy moving we did a crowdfunding campaign. Besides financial support, the campaign also intended to recruit a group of allies. The money raised was used to refurbish the embassy, a promotional campaign and the transport and expenses of the ambassadors. By making a donation, buying an official portrait, embassy pin or a flag, over 150 Allies showed their support.  The campaign ran untill August 23rd on crowdfund platform Voordekunst.

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