Making Money

Cultural and Moral Exchange Rate

Making Money is an installation that examines in what way undocumented refugees are aloud to contribute to society. The visitor at the Dutch Design Week enters a printshop. A local currency is printed , which symbolizes work and perspective. The notes are, under the right of freedom of the press , sold by refugees in the public space. Making Money questions current regulations and the importance of the working refugee for both refugee and society.

In Collaboration with:
AGA, KNUST, Anne van Geffen, Liesje Lokbi

Making Money, part of  ‘I’ts Your World’

The project was part of the exhibition ‘Its Your World’ at Strijp-S, Eindhoven during the Dutch Design Week. About the exhibition: Our daily waste, the manufacture of mobile telephones, the bacteria on our skin or asylum seekers who have been denied residency. These are not topics we immediately associate with design. But these are in fact the areas where smart design or the power of imagination in design can make a difference. It’s Your World presents four mini-exhibitions in which designers show how they see our world.

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