Printed Matters

Printed Matters

Printed Matters is part of the In Limbo Embassy project. Refugees “in limbo” are not permitted to work. Yet the right of freedom of press does allow them to carry out work in the shape of printed matter, which they can sell in the public sphere. The vague boundary between art and what can be defined as labour provides an opening for the asylum seekers to work, thanks to to the freedom of expression. Printed Matters, a series of silkscreened official portraits and an orchestrated screen-printing scene, shows how the gray zones in the legal system create opportunities for refugees to contribute to society. The blanket, that is often seen on the shoulders of refugees on pictures in the news, is turned into a kings cape.

The blanket as a kings cape

Often, refugees are portrayed in the news with blankets covering their shoulders. The blankets in the pictures created together with Alexander Popelier, are folded in such way that they refer to a kings cloak.

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