Gone too Soon

Gone too soon

Whether it is televisions, hairdryers or mobile phones, most electronics are used for shorter and shorter periods of time before they are thrown away. Every day 350.000 mobile phones are dumped. From an ecological standpoint, that is unacceptable.

Our improper disposal only adds to the pollution and green house gas emissions created from manufacturers consuming valuable resources. Although only 12,5% of the e-waste is being recycled, can we only blame the manufacturers or should we instead look at consumer behaviour? How many devices have you bought over the last 10 years and how many of them did you discard?

In memory of

In this workshop, participants will anatomize a broken or neglected electronic device to create better understanding of what they actually throw away. By making an obituary of all the separate parts of the device we contemplate and commemorate. Even though the object’s life has ended, the separate parts are in fact still perfectly fine to use.

This workshop is a collaboration with Luc van Hoeckel. We where invited by the Taipei City government and Archicake to come to Taipei, Taiwan in the summer of 2016. We had over 50 participants, from designers to dads with their sons. Photocredits: Taipei City government & Remie Chen. Special thanks to: Joost, Tammy, Weizhen, Ben, City government op Taipei & Archicake.

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